Whanau In Business

Click on the following tohu to check out what some of our clever Tukorehe whanaunga do in their businesses via their websites...


Pareārau Group  

Pareārau Group - Chartered Accounts, Trainers & Consultants providing Governance Management & Financial Services to Māori.  Talk to Fiona Wilson about the services her Business provides.

BioFarm Products Limited 

BioFarms Products Limited - Biofarm Products Limited, a market leader in the production of pure, natural dairy products. Certified organic since 1986, Biofarm dairy products use only pure organic milk, which means clean, nutritious food that is free from additives and full of health benefits.  Talk to Cathy Tait-Jamieson about the services her whānau Business provides.

KCSM Consultancy 

KCSM Solutions Ltd - KCSM Consultancy Ltd provides a wide range of consultancy services to support Māori development. KCSM Consultancy Ltd has a kaupapa Māori focus and has gained considerable experience in developing kaupapa Māori approaches and methods. Talk to Richard Charles Tauehe Jefferies about the Services his Business provides.

Steel Pencil Steel Pencil Ltd - Steel Pencil Ltd specialises in producing detail drawings of construction works.  To do this they build a 3D computer model and, from this, produce workshop drawings of steelwork and concrete panel work.  Talk to Reegan Lawton about the Services his Business provides.



Telecommunications - ACN Telecommunications meeting all your needs with landlines,mobiles and videophones services. We can also give you financial freedom using ACN Telecommunications a Global Business by building multiple streams of income when customers pay their monthly bills. Contact:Jen Hopa jjjfam@bigpond.com.au   . 

  FWAC Building Services 

FWAC Building Services prides itself for being able to give our clients the complete customer service. We also take great satisfaction in the fact that our clients find us someone they feel comfortable to share their ideas with, and who will work through any issues that may arise as a result of their dreams.  Talk more to Craig Davies about the Services that this Business provides




If you are a Tukorehe Descendant, you run your own Business, you have a Website and would like us to add you to this page, please let us know who you are and provide us with your Website Address, so we can keep in touch and hopefully drum up some Business between us all and everyone else who enters our Website...