Who are we?KO WAI MĀTOU?

Mai i te take o te maunga, ki te hukahuka o te tai ki te rohe e mōhiotia ana no Ngāti Tukorehe mo ana uri, me ana moetanga katoa. From the Mountain peaks to the sea, inclusive of the boundaries known to Tukorehe, for all his descendents and inter-related dependents.

Taku turanga ake ki runga ki ngā maunga titohea o te takiwā nei, ko Tararua, ko Ōtararere, ko Poroporo, ko Pukeātua Ki ngā wai ora, ki ngā wai puna, ki ngā wai tuku kiri o te Iwi, ko Ōhau, ko Waikokopu, ko Kuku, ko Tikorangi, ko Mangananao Me ngā hapū o te whenua, ko Te Mateawa, ko Te Rangitāwhia, ko Ngāti Manu, ko Ngāti Kapumanawawhiti o te rohe ki te Iwi nei o Ngāti Tukorehe.

Ngāti Tukorehe Tribal Committee

Act: Maori Purposes Act 1953
Beneficiaries/Owners: Ngāti Tukorehe, Ngāti Kapumanawawhiti, Te Mateawa & Te Rangitāwhia
Purpose: Manage & Operate Tukorehe Marae Complex on a day-to-day basis
Executive Committee: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Booking Officer & Ngāti Tukorehe Iwi Members (Koutou Katoa)
Chairperson: Pikitia Heke
Secretary: Carmella Tovo
Treasurer: Te Iwi o Ngāti Tukorehe Trust
Booking Officer: Mautini Price 
Rules: Marae Operational Policies & Charter
Accountability: Tukorehe Marae & Urupa Reservation & Te Iwi o Ngāti Tukorehe

Te Iwi o Ngati Tukorehe Trust (TIONTT)

Act: Charitable Trust Act
Beneficiaries/Owners: Beneficiaries
Purpose: Responsible for implementation of the Iwi Strategic Plan
Governance Structure: 7 elected Iwi representatives
Chairperson: Keremihana Heke
Commitee: Keremihana Heke, Tina Wilson, Kelly Bevan, Rawiri Richmond, Nanette Wehipeihana, Cathy Tait-Jamieson
General Manager: Kelly Bevan
Education Manager: Lindsay Poutama
Rules: Trust Deed
Accountability: Beneficiaries of Te Iwi o Ngāti Tukorehe

Ngāti Tukorehe established Te Iwi O Ngāti Tukorehe Trust, a Charitable organisation in 1989 to manage the strategic and developmental aspirations of the iwi.   The Trust manages the educational, Treaty Claims and other government contracted projects.

Whats coming up MARAMATAKA

tukorehe.iwi.nz - 613-615 Main Road South, State Highway 1, Kuku

Whakaahua Our Gallery

Tukorehe Marae

Approx 1937

Marae wideshot

Sep 2013

Marae Close Up

Sep 2013

Tukorehe Marae

Approx 1937

Marae wideshot

Sep 2013

Ngā Rehita ā Iwi Register with Us

Then download the Iwi Registration Form, press "TAB" to navigate between all the fields, ensure that the Mandatory information has been completed, print the Form, make sure you have signed it and return it to us at P O Box 162, Levin, Aotearoa.

Koha Help support us

We have had feedback from whanau wanting to contribute to Tukorehe Marae, in some way.
For those wanting to set up AP's or give koha to the marae here are the bank account details for NZ & Australia and the paypal details for those further abroad ..

New Zealand whanau:

Ngati Tukorehe Marae
Bank Account No. 03-0667-0113134-000

Please provide your initials and last name as reference and enter into particulars or code field "koha"

Australian Whanau:

Ngati Tukorehe Marae Putea Account
BSB: 034154
ACC: 143755

For whanau in other parts of the world:
Marae Paypal account : tiontt@tukorehe.iwi.nz
Tukorehe Marae is grateful for any koha you would like to give.

Hononga Our Connections


Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)

Responsible for leading the government's relationship with the tertiary education sector, and for policy development and implementation. Strong relationships have been built between us over the last 15 years.


Horowhenua District Council

19 November 2008 marked a historic event between Te Iwi o Ngāti Tukorehe Trust & HDC, when the two parties signed a Memorandum of Partnership.

The Cuzzies

Te Rūnanga o Raukawa

The history of Te Rūnanga O Raukawa stems from the Raukawa Marae Trustees (1936) who were legislated to look after the development of the marae matua of Ngāti Raukawa but over time became involved in a broad range of issues that were Iwi wide by nature. This led to the development of Te Kömiti Whakatinana (1985), which was to later become known as Te Rūnanga O Raukawa (1988).

Patumakuku Our Courses

Certificate in Tū Taua
Tū taua is a traditional Māori martial art. You'll learn about Māori culture and traditions, reconnect with your heritage, gain new skills and get fit. Have fun in a safe and relaxed learning environment while you develop a specialised skill set and help to preserve the rich culture and art of the warrior.

Certificate in Tikanga Marae
Our marae are places of shelter, learning and tradition. They are rich with culture and identity. Have you wanted to learn tikanga and marae practises so you can strengthen you connections with home? Or are you from another culture and want to become involved with your community or marae?

Diploma in Te Aupikitanga ki te Reo Kairangi
Continue your immersion journey in te reo Māori and lead the way for your whānau, hapū and iwi. Function confidently in most situations using only te reo Māori. Learn to articulate your ideas and hold meaningful dialogues using metaphors and whakaaro Māori. Develop a translation skillset, and learn in a calm, encouraging, stress-free environment that also challenges you to speak and think in the reo.

Programme Enquiries
If you are interested or have any enquiries about any of our programmes please fill in your information below, leave a meassage and our Student Support Tiaria Ransfield will be in contact.

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Whakapā Mai Contact Us

Te Iwi O Ngāti Tukorehe Trust, Tukorehe Marae & Patumakuku Limited - 613-615 Main Road South - State Highway 1 - Kuku 

P O Box 162 - Levin - Aotearoa

Free calling (only in Aotearoa): 0800 TUKOREHE (0800 885 673) - Local Calling: +64 6 3683987 
For Marae Bookings please contact Mautini Price: Cell 021 223 3192   Landline: (06) 362 6099                

Te Hakari Wetlands Project - Tukorehes Wetland Project - Kuku Beach Road - Kuku

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